The Difficulties Internet Fax Service Is Facing

A lot of people do not respond to changes well. In business, it is hard to change old traditions especially when companies and workers accustomed to using a particular method to perform tasks and get the job done. Most times, it is hard for companies and businesses to adapt to a new technology. A good example of this is faxing via the internet for the first time. Most workers and companies are so accustomed to the traditional fax machine that suggesting another means of faxing will seem downright sacrilegious. When people are too a familiar with a particular routine, it is usually very hard to break it. It is however true that companies are always on the lookout for new ways to reduce cost of operation so as to give their business or company an edge in the marketplace. It is easier, cheaper and absolutely mobile to fax via the internet. If companies want to remain competitive, the advantages of Web or email fax need to be at least considered.

The Web faxing services is changing how a lot of individuals and companies fax. Simply sign up for an account with any of the major online fax providers. You can then switch to using your email inbox to receive your faxes as a PDF or Tiff file. You can even ‘port’ the fax number you were using into the system without losing any of your data. There are some online fax service providers that let you fax for free. Visit for more. Since it is based online, as long as you have internet connection, you can login from anywhere and with any Smartphone or Pc to fax from your account. You can even forward or receive several faxes at a time and you won’t miss faxes due to paper jam or busy signal anymore. With all the obvious benefits, Web Faxing still has to overcome some obstacles before it can be totally accepted in workplaces. This is important for businesses that use fax a lot to bring in sales, communicate with its workers or to contact clients.

Below, we examine the major obstacles and dismiss the fears associated with faxing via the internet.

1. New Technology AndOld Traditions


In terms of new technology, old traditions truly die hard. A lot of people adapt quickly to upgrades, but there are some individuals and companies that like to keep on using the old methods to do things. If you ask such people if they could run their business or company without email, it is highly likely you get puzzled looks. Email has become an integral part in the daily business of most companies and the idea of working without it will sound utterly ridiculous. Breaking down old barriers may be easier once you explain that Web Fax is simply doing your faxing by using your email system. Email is simple and fast. Web Fax is simple and fast. When viewed from this stance, the convention fax machine has become somewhat obsolete. Individuals and companies need to come to terms with the new and more modern way of faxing.


2. Hard Copy


Another problem is that people want the actual fax document in their hand. They want the hard copy of their fax. This problem can be solved easily. As most offices have a printer, to get a paper copy, all you need to do is it print out the email fax. For the issue of filing messages, it is very easy to access all the messages in your email. You can store them either in your account or on your computer. You should note that most providers of Web Fax service have a limit on the amount of time your messages can be stored online. You can easily locate all your faxes with this method, whether they came in just yesterday or since 6 months ago.


3. Understanding How Internet Fax Works


When companies and individuals totally understands how the new method of faxing really works, a lot of trust issues can be overcome. The best way the whole process can be explained is by comparing it with email. Web Fax takes advantage of your email system along with a third party internet server or provider to manage all your faxes and messages. For a meager monthly fee (it is about $8 - $10 per month on average), the service provider will process, handle and store your faxes on your behalf. You get your personal fax number. Usually, about 5 to 10 emails are attached to each number; it depends on the fax provider you choose. You can use any mobile device like Smartphone, laptop or netbook as a fax machine. This is   more convenient as you will no longer be chained to your office location.


26 Sep 2017

4. Privacy

This is another major issue. Many people don’t want to transmit sensitive faxes via the Internet. You need not worry as the messages are encrypted and the fax will only be delivered to the intended person or recipient. A notification can also be sent to you once your fax has been delivered. It can be sent to the recipient’s email account directly so they’ll be the only one that can view the file. Web Faxing is more secure when you compare it with the conventional method, where sensitive document may be seen by anyone passing by the fax machine.

10 Sep 2017

5. Trusting The Internet

The problem mentioned above is related to this. People do not trust the internet. There are many stories going around of websites being hacked and important and sensitive information being taken. Simply put- most people are not comfortable with doing business online. As better security measures are being put into place, those fears and barriers are being eliminated slowly. As seen in the case of internet shopping, a lot of people are now cool with doing business online. It will take a while before it gets the total trust of the general public but this will happen eventually as they become more acquainted with the internet and how things are done online. Another example of where people now trust the internet is the case of Online Banking.


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